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This is the perfect set to start your herbal tea routine! Featuring Simply Pure Blooming Tea Pods, 4 Cups and Heat Proof Teapot. Packaged separately.

Blooming tea: When hot water is added the pod it blossoms into a strikingly beautiful flower. The most wonderful way to enjoy our high quality tea, while enjoying it's gorgeous arrangement in your teacup. 

  • 6 pods per package
  • Brew each pod up to 6 times
  • Individually vacuum sealed for guaranteed freshness
  • Make more than 30 cups of our Blooming Tea

Teapot Kettle: Use directly on your stove to heat water! Just heat, steep and serve. 

Capacity: 1000ml 
Size:12*12*8 cm / 4.72*4.72*3.15 in

Tea cups: Beautiful heat resistant glass tea cups.

Capacity: 80ml 

Mouth: 5cm length

Height: 5.5cm

Heat resistant temperature: +150 Celsius

Blooming Tea Party Set

SKU: ff6f0779
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