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NOT aloe vera

Aloes Cape -  is a beautiful and luxurious plant that originated in South Africa. The name of the species Cactus Cape, Frox, translated from Greek means "wild", which refers to the prickly leaves of this particular cactus. Also known as bitter agave, it has long been used in traditional South African spices for its beneficial properties.
Cape Cactus is a woody cactus that belongs to the Asphodelaceae family. At maturity, it reaches a height of 10 feet. The spiky leaves are thick and thick and grow in flower pots at the top of the stem. Young plants usually have more thorns than older plants. The cactus blossoms are like candlesticks with dense orange to red thorns that protrude several meters above the leaves into the sky. Cape cactus grows in dry, rocky habitats that are exposed to full sun and well-drained soil.
Aloes CAPE has long been used by indigenous tribes in South Africa for its health benefits. This plant even has a history of use in local folk culture as a protective plant and body wash. Today, aloe vera internal gel is widely used in cosmetics and other topical applications. Dried leaves are also used in recipes for external personal care and in preparations for internal health.
Cape Cactus is harvested in the Western Cape of South Africa. Dried powdered leaf is widely used in skin care products. It can also be used in tea and extracts.


very very bitter! 

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Aloes ( cape ) leaves powder

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