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Buckthorn Bark The ever popular Buckthorn Bark is revered by most herbalists for it versatility and plant power!


The Buckthorn tree, Rhamnus frangula, is a multi-branched shrub that can grow up to 12 feet producing black shiny Buckthorn berries, about the size of a pea, surrounded by small greenish-yellow flowers, and small green leaves. However, it’s the smooth blackish-brown bark that’s the star of the show! The bark is collected, dried, then cut and sifted for your convenience. Native to North Africa, Europe, and North Asia, Buckthorn has a long history with many civilizations, who used the herb for many personal care applications in their daily lives. Many ancient medical writings references the herb, which also has a bit for controversial mystery surrounding it. Today, the bark can potentially be used many industrial and personal care products, to the benefits of its makers and users!

We ship in 1 pound bags as seen in the picture above.

*NOTE: The information above has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is for educational purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Due to FDA regulations, Herbastat is unable to provide dosage information or any medical advice. Please consult with a licensed healthcare professional for more information.

Buckthorn bark powder

  • Each herb is packaged in food-grade, sturdy, thick Blue bags. These are fantastic for storing herbs, and helps keep them fresh!



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